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The Ghosts Of My Past

They roamed around me

Moved in my head

In little concentric circles

Forming layers upon layers

Of them


They swirled

And danced

Laughed and cried

Stopped and smiled

Then flashed their evil grins,

Laughed wickedly

And moved some more


It resembled a ritual

Their movement planned

And well thought out

They all knew each other


My head churned

And they moved

They moved

And my head churned

I could not see a thing

Blinded and fainting

I seemed to be pulled in

By it all

I was sinking


They were like

Dust particles

In the sea

Like the sand

In a hurricane

Like lightening

In a thunderstorm


They just circled me

And laughed

Forming layers

Of themselves

And then all of a sudden

I recognized them

That’s when I realized

That they were

The Ghosts Of my Past

Moving, churning, laughing

Smiling and dancing around me

They were,

The ghosts of my past .


[another old poem 🙂 ]


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