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Story of my life !

The days were spent

In utter darkness

The evening

Dimly lit

The night was armed with

Bright lights

This was the story of my life.


The days reminded me

Of memories and people

Long gone.

The evening not so much

For I spent them with new people

Different experiences

And nights

Were the most glorious

For I spent them alone

Immersed in thoughts

Of me

And they were the brightest part

Of my life

This was the story of my life.


Then life took a turn and

Everything changed

The days spent in brightness

With people new and different

The evenings are still dimly lit

With old friends

And fun conversations

And nights are spent

As are they are meant to be

Sleeping in the arms

Of the beautiful darkness.

And now

This is the story of my life!!


(this is one of my old poems i recently found)




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Sitting in a room
That felt like a blanket of old memories
Made me realize
They don’t really go away
They are just there
A little hidden
In all our minds

The memories are like
A game of join the dots
And even if one dot
Is brought in front of us
The whole episode
Just starts replaying
Or we can see it clearly
Like a map
The dots join themselves

Like we always think
That with time
They will go away
But they just stay
Waiting for the right dot
To appear
For them to present themselves

They haunt us in their own way
Appear and disappear again
Till another dot is visible !!!


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