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Virtual Living !

And hello,

I have been away for a while now I know I am guessing it was my own way of dealing with shitty things in my life, I didn’t write about the good ones. I don’t know what it was sadness, lameness or well if you may a writer’s block. Anyway thankfully its gone and I can write like I am doing now woo hoo!! So life has been pretty lame only not that a lot of things have happened except the fact that I have started tweeting a lot. Not I have not become friends with tweety the cute yellow bird and nor is it a cool word for singing, I have started broadcasting my thoughts on a social media forum called twitter (this explanation is totally pointless since everyone reading this knows twitter but I just felt like it). What joy do I get out of interacting with complete strangers? I do not know. The one thing I do like is interacting with friends I normally I don’t on a regular basis like pri. I was just talking to her today and it was awesome both of us were happy with our interaction on twitter and were smiling. Later when I thought about it I was a little disappointed honestly. Twitter/facebook/chatting none of these can really replace talking on the phone or meeting in person. The sound of a person’s voice, the lilt in their laughter, the normal easygoing conversation cannot be replaced with replying to tweets and liking facebook statuses. An actual laugh can never be explained with an LOL or ROFL those are just a few letters written together without spaces. This is what we are doing to our lives though first we replaced meeting with phone calls then phone calls with messages and now phone calls with chatting and the latest being restricting ourselves to 140 characters to express our feelings and talk to our friends.

It’s a really busy world but having information about which song we are listening to is not the same as knowing each other, it’s just pointless information. Tweeting about every little thing happening even while being somewhere else with other people is not cool. We don’t even let ourselves experience a moment properly before announcing it to the world. We don’t enjoy a plate of wonderful looking food before clicking a picture and tweeting about it. Why is tweeting about it more important than enjoying it, is beyond me.  This sort of behavior is bordering on lunacy, not that I am saying that it’s not addictive it sure is. So many people reading about you and your thoughts and replying to you it’s a wonderful feeling but it needs to be checked. We can’t shift our real lives on to twitter/FB/myspace/shared toilet, we need to live our real lives and we can enrich them with technology and not live in/with technology and enrich it with our real life time and again. Like my teacher said that a rose in a chat window is not that same as a rose pressed in a book and found years later, it’s the same with smiles and hugs and laughs. I think we should remember this and try and maintain real relationships with people enjoy life without worrying about tweeting and not make everything virtual.

p.s: it will take another blog post to talk about the phenomenon called BBM and also faking it in the virtual world 🙂

Yours virtually,




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Watching turning 30 with Aks

Think about every cliché related to women and relationships and break ups, give a touch of Mumbai, a few crappy lines, a plethora of bad actors, a few scenes from sex and the city, 13 going on 30 and a host of other chick flicks and VOILA !! : You have Turning 30.  This film was made to make us feel good about ourselves, and give budding film writers like coco hope. If this script can be made into a film anything can. Way to go Coco!! 🙂

At a spontaneous stay over after hunting for movies and a long struggle with the dvd player and the pen drive etc Aks, Sis and I decided to watch Turning 30 (women tend to do stupid things at night). We could predict the upcoming scenes and even the bad dialogues, only I think our acting was a little better :P. (anybody looking for chick flick extras). Just before turning 30 every kind of tragedy strikes our protagonist Naina (gul panag), her boyfriend of three years ditches her for a rich heiress, she does not get recognized at work and her 2 loyal college friends (one married and one bisexual) come to help her with her life. The movie is narrated in a very SATC way so all I think of is carrie and one of her random boyfriends, this guy could not be Mr.BIG. To get over her ex naina cuts her hair (cliché no.55: 30 minutes into the film). At one point we were embarrassed that we knew the drill of breaking up and that we could identify with her at some points (wanted to hide our faces and die). So then to spice up her life her ex-boyfriend who left her earlier Jai ( a feminine scarf wearing, hippy looking photographer) played by the dashing turned gay purab kohli turns up. I will hi – five people who can guess what happens next. (Come on you know that you know It, even though you don’t want to admit it).

Anyway I will tell you – she rebounds on him- he asks her to marry him- she wants her ex- eventually he gets annoyed and leaves her – at work two gay guys are making her life miserable – she starts writing (very SATC style)- friends sees writing – tells her to publish the book (I want to puke at this point)- she files a law suit against her company and wins – after a year publishes her book Turning 30- the ex wants to get back with her but she looks at jai who is also present- she turns the ex down and goes and asks jai to marry her (Mr.Big and SATC anyone?) – THE END (thank god).

By this time I was utterly frustrated and wanted to puke, Aks kept saying these were 3 hours of her life that would never come back!! We were amused with the uncanny similarities of our lives and the film and discussed the possible people we should gift this to. After this post none of them will go and watch it.. But please do it’s an experience :P. (I suffered you must to). I am sure I won’t be like that at 30 even if I am single and jobless, living with clichés is one thing; being one is another!!

Cheers to life’s clichés

Vee 🙂


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Real life fairy tale :

August 11 2010 : 12 am

Eeks and Sucks

Sitting in a car


Today is 11 August AGAIN and I have no clue how an entire year passed by. Last year like any other birthday a bunch of us went to eek’s house at 12 to wish her happy birthday. She was out with Sucks and thus was late. Sucks had to give away the surprise because her parents kept calling her. It was all normal, we cut the cake, sang the birthday song and they came to drop me home. On the way eek’s messaged me that she and sucks had kissed when the clock struck 12. They were such good friends that this came as a complete surprise to me. After the initial shock wore off, happiness settled in and all of us were ecstatic for our friends.

Now you would think why am I going on about two people who started seeing each other? Well there is more to this story. If you are a romantic this is going to make your heart melt. On eek’s 21st birthday when the clock struck 12, eeks had her first kiss with sucks and that gradually grew into love. This is as close to a fairytale as life can get. Hearing or talking about this just makes me go all gooey eyed, just like when I watch a romantic movie. Only this isn’t a movie and it all happened around me. Eek’s looked ecstatic; sucks looked like someone had just hit him with a bat (very cartoonish). You can totally imagine them with those concentric circles in their eyes :). The best thing about this story is that it’s been an entire year and these two still look like that sometimes.

I just really wanted to share this story because it’s so beautiful. Everything about it is perfect. It just reinforces ones belief in love. It exists, it’s around and it’s for all of us to see and love. I am quite the romantic and look at life through rose-tinted glasses and stories like these just make the picture rosier :). Not that there aren’t any problems and issues between them but those do not matter as they get over it and still happen to be in love :). Happy day to all and I hope everyone receives their real life fairytale at some point.

Yours dreamily,

VEE. 🙂


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Ode to firangi Paani:

Firangi paani in English means foreign waters and in keeping with the name it did indeed introduce me to foreign waters. I was not much of a drinker till about a year and half back and this is the place where I started. I still remember the day clearly. My friend Ari invited me and aks to go with a bunch of her friends to firangi paani for a ladies night which is basically the night they serve free alcohol to women (I told you having boobs has it’s advantages 🙂 ). And from here started my long and I hope never-ending relationship with alcohol. We were a bunch of recently ‘single’ girls and we spoke about that while sipping are apparently no so potent drinks. After a while all the alcohol hit me and I drunk dialed heck (my ex) and this is how I started drunk-dialing (you will know about all the numerous episodes later). I started drinking only cosmopolitans and eventually went on to beer, vodka, gin, rum, whisky later. I sound like an alcoholic but I am not one. I drink maybe three or four times a month. But it wasn’t the case earlier after I discovered firangi paani and along with alcohol it became like a thing to do. I started going there with ‘eee’ we drank a lot together. Then there were times with aks just random ‘I feel like a drink today’ days. I even went there with ‘G’ this girl doesn’t even drink. Now don’t jump to conclusions and I think I drank only free alcohol, I paid for it as well but more about that later.  There was a lull in the middle and all of us were bored of alcohol and firangi paani and then I met coco (she is a gutter) and Ti (she drinks only wine but enjoys watching people getting drunk) and my affair started again. Coco and I went there often and had a wonderful time. The first time we went there we sang Carnatic music, did a few Bharatnatyam steps (thankfully sitting in our chairs) and hugged a random woman who was at her own bachelorette party. It was a blast. Then there were days we’d abuse our ex-boyfrineds and would think about future non-existent ones. Sounds pathetic sometimes but was indeed a great fun at the time. just the other day aks and I decided to go after a very long time (I am on a diet and cannot drink sigh! ) and guess what we were greeted with :’ no more ladies night’ and my very long affair with firangi paani came to a crashing not so mutual end. I would never have a free drink, listen to cheesy sad music and laugh with any of my girlfriends in this place again. I even had my awesome 22nd birthday here and the first time ever being really really drunk and vomiting was here as well. Oh how I’m going to miss this place and all those crazy times spent with Aks, coco, ti and eee. Whatever it is I will always remember this place because it introduced to foreign waters and I had brilliant times with most of my close friends here. Thank you firangi paani.

If any of you knew this place or another one I like and know what it is like to lose it (this is exaggerated but anyway) then thanking you for your company,



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The tale of slut smile and chicken dance :)

Hellos again people!!

Vee is very very happy today and now I hope you think Why? So to answer the question it’s Music. The last two days I was saw two gigs and that would definitely make anyone happy. So I must tell you something more about it, you see I love sharing my happiness. So the first day was fun not mainly because of the music but thanks to Coco. Coco was so kicked that she wouldn’t stop passing comments and that just cracked me up. So to inform you coco is a really sarcastic person who can be hysterical as well so that is quite a deadly combination. I laughed so much that I think have wrinkles now 🙂 (I don’t mind it at all).  The first person to play was a Nikhil D’souza I have never heard him before but he was nice. He was like you know a mix between Jason mraz and iron & wine. Now according to me that’s good combination but normally played in the background. Coco and I like little girls kept talking and laughing during this (I do feel bad but what the hell). The interesting observation here was that according to coco he had a slut smile 🙂 now coco has a highly sensitive slut radar (she can recognize it even in kids) so I think we should listen to her and stay away (sorry Nikhil it’s nothing personal). Now the next band to go up was Something Relevant who were well a tad bit irrelevant. Now I like this band normally but I’m guessing the vocalist was on weed because there was something wrong with him. In coco’s words he got spasms on stage, electric shocks, tried eating his shirt (humans do not eat cotton dude) and tried to take it off as well and he is also an expert at the chicken dance “what did he eat up a whole chicken with the feathers” said coco. You can imagine it for yourself now. The bassist who was playing the acoustic guitar was really cool with a nice voice and some good communication skills. He was definitely more relevant than the other guy so I guess they were at least ‘something relevant’. Oh ya and there were lots of women clicking photographs from absurd angles who we thought were potential girlfriends, but there was also a bearded guy doing the same which was a tad bit disturbing potential boyfriend anyone?. Imagine chikna chicken dance and beard guy together now WEIRD and Funny, they will do the dance together now (evil grin). So umm brilliant day, lots of fun, some nice music and a very good laugh. What more can one ask for now? I hoped you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing this post.

Thanking you,

Vee and here in spirit Coco.


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