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Virtual Living !

And hello,

I have been away for a while now I know I am guessing it was my own way of dealing with shitty things in my life, I didn’t write about the good ones. I don’t know what it was sadness, lameness or well if you may a writer’s block. Anyway thankfully its gone and I can write like I am doing now woo hoo!! So life has been pretty lame only not that a lot of things have happened except the fact that I have started tweeting a lot. Not I have not become friends with tweety the cute yellow bird and nor is it a cool word for singing, I have started broadcasting my thoughts on a social media forum called twitter (this explanation is totally pointless since everyone reading this knows twitter but I just felt like it). What joy do I get out of interacting with complete strangers? I do not know. The one thing I do like is interacting with friends I normally I don’t on a regular basis like pri. I was just talking to her today and it was awesome both of us were happy with our interaction on twitter and were smiling. Later when I thought about it I was a little disappointed honestly. Twitter/facebook/chatting none of these can really replace talking on the phone or meeting in person. The sound of a person’s voice, the lilt in their laughter, the normal easygoing conversation cannot be replaced with replying to tweets and liking facebook statuses. An actual laugh can never be explained with an LOL or ROFL those are just a few letters written together without spaces. This is what we are doing to our lives though first we replaced meeting with phone calls then phone calls with messages and now phone calls with chatting and the latest being restricting ourselves to 140 characters to express our feelings and talk to our friends.

It’s a really busy world but having information about which song we are listening to is not the same as knowing each other, it’s just pointless information. Tweeting about every little thing happening even while being somewhere else with other people is not cool. We don’t even let ourselves experience a moment properly before announcing it to the world. We don’t enjoy a plate of wonderful looking food before clicking a picture and tweeting about it. Why is tweeting about it more important than enjoying it, is beyond me.  This sort of behavior is bordering on lunacy, not that I am saying that it’s not addictive it sure is. So many people reading about you and your thoughts and replying to you it’s a wonderful feeling but it needs to be checked. We can’t shift our real lives on to twitter/FB/myspace/shared toilet, we need to live our real lives and we can enrich them with technology and not live in/with technology and enrich it with our real life time and again. Like my teacher said that a rose in a chat window is not that same as a rose pressed in a book and found years later, it’s the same with smiles and hugs and laughs. I think we should remember this and try and maintain real relationships with people enjoy life without worrying about tweeting and not make everything virtual.

p.s: it will take another blog post to talk about the phenomenon called BBM and also faking it in the virtual world 🙂

Yours virtually,




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