The secret of happiness !!!

Like a pretty butterfly
You fly from flower to flower
And fill it with your colours
Everyone runs after you
But no one has been able to catch you
Why is it so
That you don’t stop for very long in one place?

Yes im like a butterfly
And I flutter by
But don’t look for me
Because you cant find me
Come by the bay and I will meet you there

If I come to meet you
Will you stay with me?

I shall not stay with you for very long
And don’t try to trap me
For I shall wither
And so shall you

Then what should I do
Where should I find you?

Every time I meet thee
I leave a little bit of myself with thee
Look inside and you shall find me
Out I flutter by
But a part of me flutters in you
Look for me in thyself
And you will see
That you don’t need to look for me outside

Is that true happiness?
I can find you in myself?

Yes it is
A part of me always resides in you
Befriend it and it will grow with you
Ignore and it shall die
And I take your leave now
But you know where to look for me now!
Hope to see you soon
I shall always love you
For I am happiness
And im made for you.
Look for me and you shall see
That a part me is always with you!!


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As I sit on a chair
Next to my desk
The words on my computer begin to blur
The paper strewn around the room
Seems to be part of a conspiracy

A conspiracy to take me away

Kidnap me and take me into
A different world
A world of mystery
Where words dance around
And make merry
Words have relationships with each other
For eg: each and other are secretly seeing each other
Opposites seem to attract
Love and hate are falling in love

Togetherness and distance are coming closer with every date
They have communities and social engagements
All of them have a world of their own
And everyone is invited to join in the revelries
Of this mysterious world

Well think about it even
In our world love and hate

Are two sides of a coin
So its not surprising that they
May turn this relationship
Into a romantic one
Well well well we are effecting them
A lot with our ideas of romance.

As hate had decided
To take love on a date.
Im just a mere observer
In their world
My world does not seem to exist anymoreThis is a more fascinating and exciting place for me.
Gossip told me that exciting and boring
Are having a thing for each other.
On my next escapade here
Ill see what happened to that.
Well for now ill have to be satisfied
With the papers strewn in my room

The words flashing on my computer screen
And the ones calling out to me
From a magazine.
(this is one of my old poems  but one that always makes me happy. hope it made you happy too)

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Take Me Away :

Take me away
From the madding crowd
Take me away
From the thousand words
Which take over my mind
Mindless sentences repeated
Meaning of the words forgotten
Take me away
Take me to silence
Where my mind refuses to think
Words have no place
And silence speaks
Take me to silence
Take me away !!!

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The Night

The night was dark  and beautiful

Full of stars

Like diamonds that adorned her lovely neck

In the light of this crazy night

Two lovers met .

They walked and spoke

And lost themselves

They stared into each other’s eyes

He looked at her hair

Photographing her in his memory

Her hair blew in the wind

The wind of this lovely night

She looked at him

And felt a million miles away

From her thoughts

She looked at him

And he was all

She could see, hear, smell and think

Her mind blank

She got lost

Lost in the space between them.

It was a warm lovely night

A night when two lovers met

And lost themselves

They lost themselves in each other

In the space between them

And the night.

They lost themselves

in the night.

– VEE. (this poem was inspired by the film before sunrise )


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Smile :)

Smile my child, Smile

For it fills you with joy

Look at a stranger

And with a good heart

Exchange a smile

See a face light up

Feel your own

Lighting up


Smile my child, Smile

For it’s the only way to love

Smile my child, smile

And spread happiness

As wide as you can

As happily as you can

spread the joy

Smile !!!

– VEE.

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The Power and The Beauty Combined.

Beauty that words

Could not define

Beauty that her body

Could not confine

It poured out from

Her very pores


She glowed in the glory

Of his gaze

It penetrated her very soul

He looked at her

Beauty in his eyes

Beauty of his eyes

And what he saw combined.


She flew in the combined

Power of it all

Like a falcon gracefully

In the sky

The sky of his eyes

Pools of blue

That they were.


It all seemed to be getting etched

In their minds

Like the writing

In old books

But it was more than that

It was getting engraved in their minds

Like the paintings engraved on the walls of caves

For the power of this moment

Went way beyond the present time

It transcended universes and civilization

It was inscribed in their soul forever

As long as it wandered

It would know this

The power and the beauty

Of his eyes, her body, their minds

The power and the beauty combined

The power and the beauty combined.


– vee

this poem was inspired by Bridges of Madison County (the book)

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Dancing in the Rain:

Ziya loved the rainy season. Every year she waited with bated breath for the first rain so that she could get drenched and dance in the rain. She loved the smell of fresh mud mixed with rainwater it was so earthy and soothing. The rains just always made her happy. Though the earthworms did creep her out a little bit. But everything else was nice. It was always fresh and so cozy everything just looked livelier during the rains, and like every year this year as well she waited for the season of life to start.

It was Tuesday and she was just doing her normal evening thing: using facebook and drinking coffee. Just at that time she felt something familiar. The smell of fresh earthy mud filled her nose. She was so busy listening to music and using her laptop she hadn’t realized that it had started raining. She ran outside and the time she had waited for was here. It was raining heavily. She went outside in the building and just stood there in the rain. Rain drops cascading down her face she was drenched within minutes. But she loved every minute of it.

After a while she started dancing. Her body just moved. Her feet started tapping to the raindrops falling on the ground. She felt like nature was playing a special tune that only she understood and could dance to, she moved with gay abandon. Nothing had sounded so beautiful to her ever. The birds in the trees were providing the vocals for this brilliant tune. It Seemed like Mother Nature herself was the conductor of this orchestra. It was brilliant and she just danced like never before. She was in a trance and she couldn’t stop herself. She felt that if she stopped the beautiful music that had taken over her would also stop.

There in the middle of her building compound dancing happily she felt at peace and to someone else she probably looked also at peace. Later she just sat and let the raindrops fall on palms she tried catching them and playing with them. They looked so pretty bouncing of her palm. She felt that nature was talking to her in its own way.

She was just sitting there for a long while and then she heard he mother call out ……” priya help ziya to come in. she is getting wet in the rain, move her wheel chair and get her inside  she will fall ill”.


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