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The Ghosts Of My Past

They roamed around me

Moved in my head

In little concentric circles

Forming layers upon layers

Of them


They swirled

And danced

Laughed and cried

Stopped and smiled

Then flashed their evil grins,

Laughed wickedly

And moved some more


It resembled a ritual

Their movement planned

And well thought out

They all knew each other


My head churned

And they moved

They moved

And my head churned

I could not see a thing

Blinded and fainting

I seemed to be pulled in

By it all

I was sinking


They were like

Dust particles

In the sea

Like the sand

In a hurricane

Like lightening

In a thunderstorm


They just circled me

And laughed

Forming layers

Of themselves

And then all of a sudden

I recognized them

That’s when I realized

That they were

The Ghosts Of my Past

Moving, churning, laughing

Smiling and dancing around me

They were,

The ghosts of my past .


[another old poem 🙂 ]


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Story of my life !

The days were spent

In utter darkness

The evening

Dimly lit

The night was armed with

Bright lights

This was the story of my life.


The days reminded me

Of memories and people

Long gone.

The evening not so much

For I spent them with new people

Different experiences

And nights

Were the most glorious

For I spent them alone

Immersed in thoughts

Of me

And they were the brightest part

Of my life

This was the story of my life.


Then life took a turn and

Everything changed

The days spent in brightness

With people new and different

The evenings are still dimly lit

With old friends

And fun conversations

And nights are spent

As are they are meant to be

Sleeping in the arms

Of the beautiful darkness.

And now

This is the story of my life!!


(this is one of my old poems i recently found)



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Sitting in a room
That felt like a blanket of old memories
Made me realize
They don’t really go away
They are just there
A little hidden
In all our minds

The memories are like
A game of join the dots
And even if one dot
Is brought in front of us
The whole episode
Just starts replaying
Or we can see it clearly
Like a map
The dots join themselves

Like we always think
That with time
They will go away
But they just stay
Waiting for the right dot
To appear
For them to present themselves

They haunt us in their own way
Appear and disappear again
Till another dot is visible !!!


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The secret of happiness !!!

Like a pretty butterfly
You fly from flower to flower
And fill it with your colours
Everyone runs after you
But no one has been able to catch you
Why is it so
That you don’t stop for very long in one place?

Yes im like a butterfly
And I flutter by
But don’t look for me
Because you cant find me
Come by the bay and I will meet you there

If I come to meet you
Will you stay with me?

I shall not stay with you for very long
And don’t try to trap me
For I shall wither
And so shall you

Then what should I do
Where should I find you?

Every time I meet thee
I leave a little bit of myself with thee
Look inside and you shall find me
Out I flutter by
But a part of me flutters in you
Look for me in thyself
And you will see
That you don’t need to look for me outside

Is that true happiness?
I can find you in myself?

Yes it is
A part of me always resides in you
Befriend it and it will grow with you
Ignore and it shall die
And I take your leave now
But you know where to look for me now!
Hope to see you soon
I shall always love you
For I am happiness
And im made for you.
Look for me and you shall see
That a part me is always with you!!

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As I sit on a chair
Next to my desk
The words on my computer begin to blur
The paper strewn around the room
Seems to be part of a conspiracy

A conspiracy to take me away

Kidnap me and take me into
A different world
A world of mystery
Where words dance around
And make merry
Words have relationships with each other
For eg: each and other are secretly seeing each other
Opposites seem to attract
Love and hate are falling in love

Togetherness and distance are coming closer with every date
They have communities and social engagements
All of them have a world of their own
And everyone is invited to join in the revelries
Of this mysterious world

Well think about it even
In our world love and hate

Are two sides of a coin
So its not surprising that they
May turn this relationship
Into a romantic one
Well well well we are effecting them
A lot with our ideas of romance.

As hate had decided
To take love on a date.
Im just a mere observer
In their world
My world does not seem to exist anymoreThis is a more fascinating and exciting place for me.
Gossip told me that exciting and boring
Are having a thing for each other.
On my next escapade here
Ill see what happened to that.
Well for now ill have to be satisfied
With the papers strewn in my room

The words flashing on my computer screen
And the ones calling out to me
From a magazine.
(this is one of my old poems  but one that always makes me happy. hope it made you happy too)

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Take Me Away :

Take me away
From the madding crowd
Take me away
From the thousand words
Which take over my mind
Mindless sentences repeated
Meaning of the words forgotten
Take me away
Take me to silence
Where my mind refuses to think
Words have no place
And silence speaks
Take me to silence
Take me away !!!

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The Night

The night was dark  and beautiful

Full of stars

Like diamonds that adorned her lovely neck

In the light of this crazy night

Two lovers met .

They walked and spoke

And lost themselves

They stared into each other’s eyes

He looked at her hair

Photographing her in his memory

Her hair blew in the wind

The wind of this lovely night

She looked at him

And felt a million miles away

From her thoughts

She looked at him

And he was all

She could see, hear, smell and think

Her mind blank

She got lost

Lost in the space between them.

It was a warm lovely night

A night when two lovers met

And lost themselves

They lost themselves in each other

In the space between them

And the night.

They lost themselves

in the night.

– VEE. (this poem was inspired by the film before sunrise )


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