The sound of my footsteps : Mirik and Pashupati Market !


Well that’s how I normally greet people. I have been away for a while, been lazy and also have had typhoid for nearly 20 days but I have been wanting to write for a while now so here it are my typhoid induced pointless thoughts. If I try writing about the past few days it will be a complete waste of time so ill just write about my previous trips. I am a very moody child and this leg of the Sikkim trip hasn’t been written about yet L. Now I have decided not to procrastinate anymore and write some more.

              The last thing I wrote about that trip was the second day we spent in Darjeeling and the train ride. We decided to stay another day and go for a day trip to Mirik and Pashupati market!  It was this day that I realized that sometimes the destination really does not matter it is actually the journey that is beautiful. In life mostly we are waiting to get to places and forget about the time we spend getting there. It was this day that taught me that life or travelling it’s all one long journey with little stops on way and it’s the way that counts a lot more than the stops. So we started off early with our awesome driver rajesh and his little red car. It was a 4 hour very scenic drive from Darjeeling to mirik.  The road was flanked

with tea plantations on one side and a forest on the other. There were women with their baskets plucking tea leaves and all it needed was a Bollywood song. It had always been my thing to do the same click a picture with the tea basket and pluck some leaves, rajesh requested one of ladies to lend us the basket and we had our bit of tourist behavior which was awesome. Then on we headed to pashupati market which is in Nepal and my sister was very kicked that she was taking me abroad without a passport! The market was like any other but they sold very cheap cosmetics and gadgets. Looking as prices like typical women sis and I started shopping like girls lost in la la land. I will have to give credit to the sales skills of the people there, they actually make you want to buy their goods whether you want them or not. So they won and we shopped. The coolest we bought I must say is a 64 GB pen drive for I think rs200 and we were so excited because they also had 120gb and 240 gb pen drives and we thought they just weren’t available in India yet (WOMEN). No boy would fall for that one but anyway happy, satisfied and conned we moved towards Mirik. The way again was breathtaking and like I said sometimes the destinations just don’t live up to the hype. Mirik turned out to be a touristy lake place with a little forest around oh with horse rides et all (blah anyone). Disappointed we had some awesome maggi walked around, clicked some pictures and decided to head back to Darjeeling.

             I thought the way there was brilliant but the way to Darjeeling was just out of this world. It was foggy and silent and I decided to walk for a while. I walked down the road with my camera and all I could hear was the sound of my footsteps. I had never experienced noticing the way my feet sounded against the road while walking and it was beautiful. I could see the valley and nothing ahead it was very cloudy. It was silent and I felt like was walking on clouds and I was the only one on earth. It was one of the most cherished experiences of my life. I can still just close my eyes and go back to and feel the same calmness again. The words I use will never be good enough to describe the feeling all I can say was it was an ethereal experience.

After this we reached Darjeeling ate some food and rested in our room we had to head to Pelling in Sikkim the next day.

This is one very old story in current news I’m rotting in my bed and watching TV shows all the time. Oh and also my dreams are on drugs more on this later. As of now I’m going to close my eyes and go back to the road!

Yours nostalgically,



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