The secret of happiness !!!

Like a pretty butterfly
You fly from flower to flower
And fill it with your colours
Everyone runs after you
But no one has been able to catch you
Why is it so
That you don’t stop for very long in one place?

Yes im like a butterfly
And I flutter by
But don’t look for me
Because you cant find me
Come by the bay and I will meet you there

If I come to meet you
Will you stay with me?

I shall not stay with you for very long
And don’t try to trap me
For I shall wither
And so shall you

Then what should I do
Where should I find you?

Every time I meet thee
I leave a little bit of myself with thee
Look inside and you shall find me
Out I flutter by
But a part of me flutters in you
Look for me in thyself
And you will see
That you don’t need to look for me outside

Is that true happiness?
I can find you in myself?

Yes it is
A part of me always resides in you
Befriend it and it will grow with you
Ignore and it shall die
And I take your leave now
But you know where to look for me now!
Hope to see you soon
I shall always love you
For I am happiness
And im made for you.
Look for me and you shall see
That a part me is always with you!!


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