As I sit on a chair
Next to my desk
The words on my computer begin to blur
The paper strewn around the room
Seems to be part of a conspiracy

A conspiracy to take me away

Kidnap me and take me into
A different world
A world of mystery
Where words dance around
And make merry
Words have relationships with each other
For eg: each and other are secretly seeing each other
Opposites seem to attract
Love and hate are falling in love

Togetherness and distance are coming closer with every date
They have communities and social engagements
All of them have a world of their own
And everyone is invited to join in the revelries
Of this mysterious world

Well think about it even
In our world love and hate

Are two sides of a coin
So its not surprising that they
May turn this relationship
Into a romantic one
Well well well we are effecting them
A lot with our ideas of romance.

As hate had decided
To take love on a date.
Im just a mere observer
In their world
My world does not seem to exist anymoreThis is a more fascinating and exciting place for me.
Gossip told me that exciting and boring
Are having a thing for each other.
On my next escapade here
Ill see what happened to that.
Well for now ill have to be satisfied
With the papers strewn in my room

The words flashing on my computer screen
And the ones calling out to me
From a magazine.
(this is one of my old poems  but one that always makes me happy. hope it made you happy too)

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