The Night

The night was dark  and beautiful

Full of stars

Like diamonds that adorned her lovely neck

In the light of this crazy night

Two lovers met .

They walked and spoke

And lost themselves

They stared into each other’s eyes

He looked at her hair

Photographing her in his memory

Her hair blew in the wind

The wind of this lovely night

She looked at him

And felt a million miles away

From her thoughts

She looked at him

And he was all

She could see, hear, smell and think

Her mind blank

She got lost

Lost in the space between them.

It was a warm lovely night

A night when two lovers met

And lost themselves

They lost themselves in each other

In the space between them

And the night.

They lost themselves

in the night.

– VEE. (this poem was inspired by the film before sunrise )



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2 responses to “The Night

  1. Someone is getting romantic ahem ahem!!!!

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