The Power and The Beauty Combined.

Beauty that words

Could not define

Beauty that her body

Could not confine

It poured out from

Her very pores


She glowed in the glory

Of his gaze

It penetrated her very soul

He looked at her

Beauty in his eyes

Beauty of his eyes

And what he saw combined.


She flew in the combined

Power of it all

Like a falcon gracefully

In the sky

The sky of his eyes

Pools of blue

That they were.


It all seemed to be getting etched

In their minds

Like the writing

In old books

But it was more than that

It was getting engraved in their minds

Like the paintings engraved on the walls of caves

For the power of this moment

Went way beyond the present time

It transcended universes and civilization

It was inscribed in their soul forever

As long as it wandered

It would know this

The power and the beauty

Of his eyes, her body, their minds

The power and the beauty combined

The power and the beauty combined.


– vee

this poem was inspired by Bridges of Madison County (the book)


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