Dancing in the Rain:

Ziya loved the rainy season. Every year she waited with bated breath for the first rain so that she could get drenched and dance in the rain. She loved the smell of fresh mud mixed with rainwater it was so earthy and soothing. The rains just always made her happy. Though the earthworms did creep her out a little bit. But everything else was nice. It was always fresh and so cozy everything just looked livelier during the rains, and like every year this year as well she waited for the season of life to start.

It was Tuesday and she was just doing her normal evening thing: using facebook and drinking coffee. Just at that time she felt something familiar. The smell of fresh earthy mud filled her nose. She was so busy listening to music and using her laptop she hadn’t realized that it had started raining. She ran outside and the time she had waited for was here. It was raining heavily. She went outside in the building and just stood there in the rain. Rain drops cascading down her face she was drenched within minutes. But she loved every minute of it.

After a while she started dancing. Her body just moved. Her feet started tapping to the raindrops falling on the ground. She felt like nature was playing a special tune that only she understood and could dance to, she moved with gay abandon. Nothing had sounded so beautiful to her ever. The birds in the trees were providing the vocals for this brilliant tune. It Seemed like Mother Nature herself was the conductor of this orchestra. It was brilliant and she just danced like never before. She was in a trance and she couldn’t stop herself. She felt that if she stopped the beautiful music that had taken over her would also stop.

There in the middle of her building compound dancing happily she felt at peace and to someone else she probably looked also at peace. Later she just sat and let the raindrops fall on palms she tried catching them and playing with them. They looked so pretty bouncing of her palm. She felt that nature was talking to her in its own way.

She was just sitting there for a long while and then she heard he mother call out ……” priya help ziya to come in. she is getting wet in the rain, move her wheel chair and get her inside  she will fall ill”.



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2 responses to “Dancing in the Rain:

  1. touching story.. very sweet..

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