Bag of Memories !

After a long time when I visited a place I frequented with someone else, I could see myself at all those other times, sitting at different tables and doing other things. All of those times were happening simultaneously in my head. There were lots of me’s and lots of the other person as well. It made me think does a place hold a memory? When we go somewhere does our presence get registered or absorbed in this secret memory and when we go there again it recognizes us and plays are previous visits on loop? It could be so but then it could just be that we are carrying these with us. Every time we go somewhere we make a new memory and file in the folder called ‘candies’ or ‘bagel shop’! When we go there again the folder opens and we can see its contents. Whether they are supposed to make us happy or sad is completely up to us. But we carry with us this large bag full of memories and people and places. Imagine as we walk we drag along this huge bag and whenever we reach somewhere it opens on its own reveals what it has to and stores what it has to. Once we realize it’s not the place that reminds of things it’s us then we can choose to remove those items from the bag and leave them behind.

When I was at that place yesterday which reminded me of old times and made me sad, I was upset and didn’t know what to do? I thought I could never visit this place again. I really liked that place and wanted to go there without any such thoughts. And so just like that I left all those moving images of me on the different tables and left. I said bye to those guys and they waved back at me knowing they would be happier left behind and not tainted with later events. I emptied my bag a little, felt light and left the place. I am sure when I go there again some other memory will play itself and if it irritates me ill leave it there if it doesn’t I will carefully place it back in my bag and take it home.


Yours nostalgically,


Bag of Memories!!



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2 responses to “Bag of Memories !

  1. I know this feeling.. I avoid certain places coz they hold so many wonderful memories .. that they make me cringe now..
    Glad to know you could face those moments and are moving ahead.. the places we love await better memories not the bitter ones.. : )

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