Over a Cup of Coffee.

She sat at a local café, book in hand, sometimes reading, sometimes lost in thought. She looked around at all the shops and heard the voices of girls through her music. She looked bored, satisfied, interested, and curious all at the same time.

He was walking by the café late for a meeting. Busy on the phone trying to pacify his client and cook up some lie to explain his tardiness. He walked past and his eyes caught the sight of a girl, looking into a cup, headphones in her ears and book in her hand. He wanted to just keep looking and wanted to know if any deep answers of life lay hidden in that cup. She just kept looking at that as if it was going to give her some answers. He could not stay for very long and just rushed by, all the while wishing he knew what she was thinking about!

She was distracted by some boy passing by talking loudly on the phone, while trying to tidy his blue shirt and look at the café. He looked flustered and in a hurry. She looked away for she didn’t want him to notice her. She looked at her coffee cup and looked at it, staring at the white colour, the design on its front and its muddy looking contents. She kept looking at the cup to keep herself from looking at him. He left and she went back to the brown pages and welcoming words of her book.

The evening wore on, filled with its sights and sounds. The whirring of the rickshaws, the sound of girls talking and women bargaining with vendors filled the air. Sitting in the café illuminated with lit bulbs, she sat and wondered. She wondered about the boy in the blue shirt, about the colour of the moon, number of stars in the sky and the boy in the blue shirt.

Just as the waiter set his cup on the table, he could not help thinking about that girl. That girl smiling at her white cup full of secrets. Was her cup really full of secrets? He wondered.


Cup full of secrets !



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