Watching turning 30 with Aks

Think about every cliché related to women and relationships and break ups, give a touch of Mumbai, a few crappy lines, a plethora of bad actors, a few scenes from sex and the city, 13 going on 30 and a host of other chick flicks and VOILA !! : You have Turning 30.  This film was made to make us feel good about ourselves, and give budding film writers like coco hope. If this script can be made into a film anything can. Way to go Coco!! 🙂

At a spontaneous stay over after hunting for movies and a long struggle with the dvd player and the pen drive etc Aks, Sis and I decided to watch Turning 30 (women tend to do stupid things at night). We could predict the upcoming scenes and even the bad dialogues, only I think our acting was a little better :P. (anybody looking for chick flick extras). Just before turning 30 every kind of tragedy strikes our protagonist Naina (gul panag), her boyfriend of three years ditches her for a rich heiress, she does not get recognized at work and her 2 loyal college friends (one married and one bisexual) come to help her with her life. The movie is narrated in a very SATC way so all I think of is carrie and one of her random boyfriends, this guy could not be Mr.BIG. To get over her ex naina cuts her hair (cliché no.55: 30 minutes into the film). At one point we were embarrassed that we knew the drill of breaking up and that we could identify with her at some points (wanted to hide our faces and die). So then to spice up her life her ex-boyfriend who left her earlier Jai ( a feminine scarf wearing, hippy looking photographer) played by the dashing turned gay purab kohli turns up. I will hi – five people who can guess what happens next. (Come on you know that you know It, even though you don’t want to admit it).

Anyway I will tell you – she rebounds on him- he asks her to marry him- she wants her ex- eventually he gets annoyed and leaves her – at work two gay guys are making her life miserable – she starts writing (very SATC style)- friends sees writing – tells her to publish the book (I want to puke at this point)- she files a law suit against her company and wins – after a year publishes her book Turning 30- the ex wants to get back with her but she looks at jai who is also present- she turns the ex down and goes and asks jai to marry her (Mr.Big and SATC anyone?) – THE END (thank god).

By this time I was utterly frustrated and wanted to puke, Aks kept saying these were 3 hours of her life that would never come back!! We were amused with the uncanny similarities of our lives and the film and discussed the possible people we should gift this to. After this post none of them will go and watch it.. But please do it’s an experience :P. (I suffered you must to). I am sure I won’t be like that at 30 even if I am single and jobless, living with clichés is one thing; being one is another!!

Cheers to life’s clichés

Vee 🙂



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2 responses to “Watching turning 30 with Aks

  1. Esha Shenoy

    I like.. but some how I even like the movie 🙂

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