Real life fairy tale :

August 11 2010 : 12 am

Eeks and Sucks

Sitting in a car


Today is 11 August AGAIN and I have no clue how an entire year passed by. Last year like any other birthday a bunch of us went to eek’s house at 12 to wish her happy birthday. She was out with Sucks and thus was late. Sucks had to give away the surprise because her parents kept calling her. It was all normal, we cut the cake, sang the birthday song and they came to drop me home. On the way eek’s messaged me that she and sucks had kissed when the clock struck 12. They were such good friends that this came as a complete surprise to me. After the initial shock wore off, happiness settled in and all of us were ecstatic for our friends.

Now you would think why am I going on about two people who started seeing each other? Well there is more to this story. If you are a romantic this is going to make your heart melt. On eek’s 21st birthday when the clock struck 12, eeks had her first kiss with sucks and that gradually grew into love. This is as close to a fairytale as life can get. Hearing or talking about this just makes me go all gooey eyed, just like when I watch a romantic movie. Only this isn’t a movie and it all happened around me. Eek’s looked ecstatic; sucks looked like someone had just hit him with a bat (very cartoonish). You can totally imagine them with those concentric circles in their eyes :). The best thing about this story is that it’s been an entire year and these two still look like that sometimes.

I just really wanted to share this story because it’s so beautiful. Everything about it is perfect. It just reinforces ones belief in love. It exists, it’s around and it’s for all of us to see and love. I am quite the romantic and look at life through rose-tinted glasses and stories like these just make the picture rosier :). Not that there aren’t any problems and issues between them but those do not matter as they get over it and still happen to be in love :). Happy day to all and I hope everyone receives their real life fairytale at some point.

Yours dreamily,

VEE. 🙂



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2 responses to “Real life fairy tale :

  1. That is such a sweet story. Reinforced my belief too. May those two love birds forever chirp their merry tune.

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