Travel journal : Darjeeling day 1 !

Hi guys ,

I know I have been away for a while but the good part is: I have loads of gossip. So we will go in order and talk about things that happened first and other stuff later. After the dreadful exams and the crazy politics and of course my teacher going nuts (details later) I left for the best trip in the world. Sis and I left for Darjeeling and Sikkim on 2nd June. We went by a super fast train and got to Kolkata on 3rdmorning. This is when the adventure really started. Kolkata firstly looks like an alien city to me. The Howrah station is brilliant but once you step out, taxi drivers are fighting, tourists are looking lost and you just have to be smart about your transaction as the prices quoted are crazy. So finally after waiting for a while we managed to get a taxi to sealdah station. Bombaywalas think there is traffic here they should really go visit Kolkata. Anyway so we were on our way and really hungry, we saw trams in the middle of the road, cars moving without any lane system, passed the bridge over the ganga and then got to the station. We headed to an eatery and ordered the vegetarian thali which was decent and then in tru ‘vee style’ I also ordered vegetarian rasgulla. The waiter smiled and said this was the first time he had heard of vegetarian ragullas. Anyway after food we went towards the train and wanted to meet the ticket checker as are our tickets were in the waiting list. First we could not find him and when we did it was terrible. He refused to help us, spoke really rudely and basically told us to get lost. I panicked and nearly started crying. Sis was a little more in control and started making plans of going by taxi to NJP (bad idea). After speaking to a few people we decided to board the next train in the ladies general compartment. From the luxury of 2 tier Ac we landed in the ladies general compartment of the patnaik express. Hungry and annoyed we decided to go ahead with the plans of the universe. It turned out to be an interesting experience. We met some really sweet people and the night went by.  In the morning we passed by beautiful fields and reached our destination safe and sound.

We got a cab to Darjeeling and then bought some litchis which were brilliant. They were juicy and fresh and flavor was great. The journey was uphill and after a while it got really cold. The beauty of this journey was that we passed a lot of villages. So we went through markets, saw children walking to school or just hanging out in the streets. Women were shopping or tending to their children and the shopkeepers were entertaining early customers. The places had a nice happy yet calm vibe to them and we slipped that mood as well. We reached Darjeeling in the afternoon and got to our hotel Bellevue. We happily rested spoke to our ‘not so worried’ parents and then headed to explore the place. We went to have lunch at Fiesta and we ordered Momos , sandwiches and tea. We sat there and waited as our treat was yet to come. The momos came and then I put one in my mouth not knowing the brilliance that my taste buds were about to encounter. The momos melted in my mouth and the flavours took over my taste buds. I finished the entire plate quite easily. After this we looked around and enter a silver handicrafts shop. This again was awesome was in fairy land but could not afford anything. The jewellery was all silver and very expensive and so were the artifacts. We hunted for metal stuff and bought some of that. We got really pretty prayer wheel earrings and other random jewellery. I was happy with my shopping and food cravings satisfied. We headed to the hotel to read at the terrace and look at the magnificent sunset. We bumped into a bunch of firangs and their peddler ( who by the way had been to rehab six times, had no parents and fell in love with Sis) interesting right? We chilled there for a while and headed out for dinner. Being the bombaywalas that we are we had no idea that the places in Darjeeling do not serve food after 9 pm. So we begged and looked and finally found hotel lunar which looked shady but gave us food so we were happy. We had to wait for a really long time and the experience of eating Indian food with firangs was interesting. One of them actually mixed chhole and chaval put in on papad and ate like burrito. After our happy encounter with firangs and then lovely food we headed to our room since we had to wake up at 3 am to go see the sunrise.

So that was the journey to Darjeeling and our first day there.

Yours nostalgically,




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2 responses to “Travel journal : Darjeeling day 1 !

  1. manishahujas

    Are you a vegetarian? I swear I couldn’t have chosen a worse time to read this delicious post of yours… Details later 😉

    Manish 🙂

  2. yes i am !! and yeah i would like to know those details !!

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