The End of An Era!!

Today after the credits rolled at the end of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows 2, I truly felt that a part of my childhood had come to an end. I started reading the harry potter series at the age of 13 and from then on I read them till the very end. It was a wonderful world where wands were weapons and the world was magical literally. It was a dream world for every child with any love for fantasy. It warmed our hearts and churned our minds. It taught us to imagine and it resembled reality and touched it with fantasy which only made it better. The day I read the last book I wasn’t very sad as I knew the movies were still around and I could go back to the magic world from my very boring ‘muggle’ life whenever I felt like it. At that time it was the extension of my experience but now I think that it also distorted my imagination a little bit and led me down in more ways than one. I don’t think I ever came out of a harry potter film happy. Also somewhere I think that making a movie based on a book that was part of someone’s childhood is doing injustice to that child’s imagination. I love how I imagined my characters and now there are different faces, altered events and annoying features to it. For children who have only read some of it and seen the films it totally takes over their thoughts and fantasy which according to me is unfair. The next generation cannot escape this mammoth series so in a way they can never really imagine their very own Harry, Hermione and Ron to them they will have the faces of Daniel, Rupert and Emma and that is unfair to those children. This is book series that inspired many kids to read and enriched many a mind, it is sad to know that it would not do this anymore. I could be totally wrong but that just defeats the purpose of this book. I feel bad for the generation of kids who will not live this experience and grow with potter and his friends. I feel even worse for those who will grow up with the likes of the twilight characters. It’s just unfair (sorry for repeated use of this word but I can’t think of anything else) to kids to be reading some romantic vampire goop and thinking that it is great. That piece of writing is just a mills and boon with the lamest touch of fantasy. It has taken over the lives of children especially girls and taught them utter rubbish. It has taught them that guys crazily fall in love with girls and are very romantic about it (RUBBISH). They should go watch ‘He’s just not that into you’ really. No boys are like that and this not fantasy it is garbage because vampires are not all cool and lovey dovey they drink human blood idiots!!! I know I’m not the first person to be saying this but please do not insult the likes of Harry Potter, Artemis Fowl and Lord of The Rings by calling this fantasy please!!! Freud would say it is mentally disturbing to children and results in sexual frustration as well (Bella’s character is an epitome of sexual frustration). So yeah while harry potter gave us wands and spells and dragons and magic; twilight is giving them vampires and blood and love and mush and sex, it doesn’t even have a decent villain!! At one point in school children were heard screaming spells and using pens as wands I really hope that today people don’t go around biting each other hoping to draw blood! On this note I will say bye bye to one lovely part of my childhood and really hope that the next generation of kids will have the same experience.

Expecto same happiness (I just had to say that please imagine me with a wand here):




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4 responses to “The End of An Era!!

  1. There is still pottermore!

  2. manishahujas

    Raise your wand, you’re in company of another Potter fan 🙂

    Loved the way you’ve described how garbage gets termed as fantasy in today’s world where publications care about bottom line profits a lot more than true fandom.

    As disturbing as the comparison of pens being used as wands and kids trying to suck blood out of each other, the analogy was pure genius and would make every sensible reader smile.

    Fact: I stopped watching HP movies after the second/ third installment, and I read the books only after watching the first movie. I wasn’t a reader in my school days. I didn’t even know HP was based on a book series. Yes, I was that dumb. BUT, I bought the 5th, 6th and the 7th book the day they released.

    Potter will be missed dearly and a part of Potter lives in all of us Potter fans. No number of thank you notes, letters can do justice to the contribution of J. K. Rowling to our lives.

    Fact 02: Aditi has liked this post of yours. I didn’t know she was reading your blog, but I know for a fact that she hasn’t read any of the Potter books and I’m not sure (don’t remember), if she’s seen any of the movies.

    • hey ! Raising the wand now !!
      thank you thank you !! and the pen thing did happen in schools!
      not watching the films was a good move .. they were all disappointing! and yeah better late than never .. you found them and you read them thats what counts !
      i agree Rowling is genius !!
      and thank you aditi in that case !

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