Rusted brains and Psi (pseudo-intellectual) !!


As usual right before my exams my creative energy is great so here I am writing a post instead of studying or sleeping. This one is a very specific post about two guys that I met recently. So the other day I went out with some friends to a local pub called Totos. We were all drinking beer and one of us knew another person and invited him and his friends to join us. It is as this point that my evening started looking different. So these guys came and sat next to me and Psi started chatting with me. He asked me about what I do and looked impressed when I said I’m doing my MA in lit and then stopped talking after that. Later everyone went out for a smoke and now rusted brains sat next to me. The reason I call him this is his name was ‘rusty’ short for Rustem cool isn’t it? Anyway Psi started talking me from one seat away and guess what he spoke about? He wanted to discuss the relevance of cinema as an art form. I kind of puked but continued the conversation. He said he didn’t watch films just for the sake of entertainment and asked me my choices and I’m sure wasn’t very impressed because he made that clear. Anyway so after that he spoke some more about books and art and thrillers and cinema and oh my god he went on this kind of tangent. Mr. rusted wanted to speak about the kind of literature I study like Victorian or romantic … dude the girl is high why do you want to talk academics why?. Anyway so he later also judged my vocabulary when I declared I was high and he wanted to know on what?. Dude this is india we say ‘high’ for being ‘drunk’ and he thought I should know about the British phrases for this since I’m studying English literature. Really now is that what I’m supposed to learn? Oh and important fact both these guys had an accent.

Anyway so the main reason I told you all of this was that I have been thinking. Why do guys or people behave like this? Why do they start spouting intellectual jargon and try to look cool. At least that’s what I thought that he was trying to do.  The other one was judging me according to the degree I’m pursuing. Really what makes people think that I or anyone else would like to talk about academics while drinking or that I would want to show off my knowledge? I don’t get it? I now know the reason why I’ve been single for so long. If this is the way guys approach girls then man no wonder! Why is it that nobody can talk straight it’s either about looking good or judging. Try a different route and maybe you might succeed. But no they will try these tried tested and useless methods and ruin the nights of other people. This is made me really disappointed in the quality and brains of guys out there. Are there any worth it any at all? Okay so I don’t know what this post is exactly about but I guess you will know once you have read it. I’m just voicing my utter disappointment and also at some level amusement with the quick behavior of people these days.

Yours disappointed.




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2 responses to “Rusted brains and Psi (pseudo-intellectual) !!

  1. manishahujas

    You should be ecstatic because you know what are you looking for. Or at least you know for sure that you won’t settle with anything or anybody mediocre. About finding the right one, even princesses in fairy tales had to kiss frogs before they found their prince.

    Maybe you girls like the chase, just as much as we guys. You just have a different way to look at it 😛

    Manish 🙂

    • hahahha yeah i do know i dont want these !!! i dont know want though so yeah !! something is better than nothing !!
      thats true but im sure everyone wants the prince to jump the line 😛

      and no this kind of chase is not appreciated AT all !!!
      Vee 🙂

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