Random Conversation 1 :

  • AKS:       you I have discovered that men just like the chase.
  • VEE:       so Aks there is just one kind of man: the one who likes the chase and when its over loses        interest and gets bored.
  • AKS:       why though that is the most pointless part anyway. I dislike the chase.
  • VEE:       and there are two kinds of women 1. Who know this fact of life and just let the guys chase after  them and thus ensure loyalty (sometimes even dog-like behavior, stalkers etc)
  • AKS:       man that just sounds like paying for sex dude really.
  • VEE:       2. The ones who don’t care about the chase and want for the things after that a.k.a the dumbfucks!
  • AKS :      that is us.
  • VEE:       explains why we are single doesn’t it?


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2 responses to “Random Conversation 1 :

  1. manishahujas

    I swear this feels like this was written in some enigma that only ladies can decipher.

    As a guy, I can just tell you, its NOT about the chase with every girl. And, its also not always about the sex. Well, that’s a given, but that’s not the reason why a guy falls for a girl. It differs with case to case basis.

    Hope this helps, or, maybe I managed to confuse you all the more.

    Manish 🙂

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