Procrastinations and South Indian Cinema.

Hey !

Okay so just 5 minutes back I was in the middle of reading my book and I just could not resist the urge to write. I didn’t know what I was going to write about like I usually do but I knew I wanted to write. Let out the creative energy I guess or you never know maybe just a method of procrastination. I told you my brain works in ways I cannot understand. For example my exams are coming up in fact they are day after tom and I have found every possible way to waste my time. I talk to coco on the phone for hours about pretty much anything including trees and friends and college and especially south Indian channels. Remember I told you about my love for south India well it’s not as normal as it sounds. You see I’m addicted to south Indian channels. I don’t understand the language and I have no clue what is happening but every night I cannot help myself, I have to have my south Indian fix. I mostly watch sun TV and then call coco to tell me about the song, the actors and the movies. My favourite is of course suryyyaa im in love with him. He is so so so awesome. But I know of the others too like vijay, ravi, dhanush (rajinikanth’s son-in-law), naga chaitanya, rana daggubati and many others. Some look nice and sweet and others look like baboons and I am like a child who has seen something new and absorbs everything. I remember movie names, affairs and random trivia. Even coco is quite shocked with my knowledge. So you can see it is crazy but I cannot help myself.  My sister is convinced I will marry a south Indian and I’m convinced I have some last birth connection (you know pichhle janam ka saath) with them. Probably I was married to a south Indian or I worked for one of them or you never know I was a south Indian princess. There is absolutely no other way to describe my addiction and affection for these people. Now if you are not Indian you will not understand why this is so weird. South India is like a whole other country, north Indians do not know their customs, rituals, ideas and their language. So it is very weird that I’m drawn to their cinema in this manner. Probably because I’m bored of the same rubbish Hindi cinema seems to be producing and wanted to see new faces. In Bollywood I see I same faces doing the same thing there is hardly any influx of new talent or new ideas. I mean how many times I can watch a grand Punjabi wedding or a bad copy of some English film. Whenever there is the rare occasion that new people are make new kinds of films they are not marketed well or shown a lot in theatres. Like Stanley ka dabba and 404 have hardly any shows in the popular theatres these small films do not get their due and some like Memories in March disappear with the blink of an eye. The search for something new has driven me to a different channel maybe it’s time Bollywood wakes up and stops producing rubbish with the biggies of the industry and gives new people a chance or they will lose people to the very colorful and different (at least to me) cinema of the south or something else that appeals to them.

Anyway I am happy that I have found something new to watch and I hope that Bollywood will change soon and make way for new ideas, stories, actors and films.

Yours hopefully,



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