Ode to firangi Paani:

Firangi paani in English means foreign waters and in keeping with the name it did indeed introduce me to foreign waters. I was not much of a drinker till about a year and half back and this is the place where I started. I still remember the day clearly. My friend Ari invited me and aks to go with a bunch of her friends to firangi paani for a ladies night which is basically the night they serve free alcohol to women (I told you having boobs has it’s advantages 🙂 ). And from here started my long and I hope never-ending relationship with alcohol. We were a bunch of recently ‘single’ girls and we spoke about that while sipping are apparently no so potent drinks. After a while all the alcohol hit me and I drunk dialed heck (my ex) and this is how I started drunk-dialing (you will know about all the numerous episodes later). I started drinking only cosmopolitans and eventually went on to beer, vodka, gin, rum, whisky later. I sound like an alcoholic but I am not one. I drink maybe three or four times a month. But it wasn’t the case earlier after I discovered firangi paani and along with alcohol it became like a thing to do. I started going there with ‘eee’ we drank a lot together. Then there were times with aks just random ‘I feel like a drink today’ days. I even went there with ‘G’ this girl doesn’t even drink. Now don’t jump to conclusions and I think I drank only free alcohol, I paid for it as well but more about that later.  There was a lull in the middle and all of us were bored of alcohol and firangi paani and then I met coco (she is a gutter) and Ti (she drinks only wine but enjoys watching people getting drunk) and my affair started again. Coco and I went there often and had a wonderful time. The first time we went there we sang Carnatic music, did a few Bharatnatyam steps (thankfully sitting in our chairs) and hugged a random woman who was at her own bachelorette party. It was a blast. Then there were days we’d abuse our ex-boyfrineds and would think about future non-existent ones. Sounds pathetic sometimes but was indeed a great fun at the time. just the other day aks and I decided to go after a very long time (I am on a diet and cannot drink sigh! ) and guess what we were greeted with :’ no more ladies night’ and my very long affair with firangi paani came to a crashing not so mutual end. I would never have a free drink, listen to cheesy sad music and laugh with any of my girlfriends in this place again. I even had my awesome 22nd birthday here and the first time ever being really really drunk and vomiting was here as well. Oh how I’m going to miss this place and all those crazy times spent with Aks, coco, ti and eee. Whatever it is I will always remember this place because it introduced to foreign waters and I had brilliant times with most of my close friends here. Thank you firangi paani.

If any of you knew this place or another one I like and know what it is like to lose it (this is exaggerated but anyway) then thanking you for your company,




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2 responses to “Ode to firangi Paani:

  1. manishahujas

    Its romantic, if you may, to see how you’ve added life to this place as if it was a character. I think I just learnt something from this post and I’m so liking it for further reference.

    Manish 🙂

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