My love for music and South India!


I had told you guys that I was happy for two days thanks to music. The first you know about and second was a happy day genuinely because of the music. I went to candies with one of my closest friends eee (the reason I call her that is because she is my twin sister we are ‘vee’ and ‘eee’). She is a person who apart from heck (you will know about him later) really inducted me into the whole gig scene. She loves the same kind of music as I do and we get along like a house on fire. So yeah first up was Ankur Tewari I had heard of him earlier but never knew what he looked like or sounded like at all. So when I saw this scrawny mal-nutritioned man with more hair on his face than flesh I wondered what could he possibly do? I mean I was not sure if his body could take the weight of his guitar (yes he is that thin). I was not very sure of the whole thing. But man he was a surprise his voice was beautiful and so were his songs. He was fun and interacted with the audience quite the opposite of what he looked like actually. So first he sang a love song to an alien which was pretty cool. The others I really liked were a song called shukriya and the ‘broke’ song. The lyrics of the latter made sense to every college student, everybody in the audience was nodding their head and smiling in unison. There was a song called ding dong which was the story of a guy who does not know English falling in love with a sophisticated English speaking woman this one was really funny. This guy covered all topics and I think it was a treat to listen to him.  During his performance there were a bunch of kids as well who started dancing. One little girl and boy, the boy just took her hands and started roaming around in circles (I guess they start very young). After a point the girl refused to hold his hand and then the poor thing he went to his mother held her hands and started dancing with her (this is how they become mama’s boys) although he did try dancing with the girl (they don’t give up very easily) but she just wasn’t interested. After a bit a blond kid came and the little boy just went towards her like a magnet (in true male style I mean how quickly they are distracted) so anyway all the kids joined in the merriment as well.

After this act there were some others but eee and I needed some food so we left and came back for the Agnee performance. I am a very big fan of Agnee and the lead vocalist Mohan kannan. I think here I should also tell you that it does have something to do with his being south Indian. I don’t know what it is but I am like a compass, if there a good looking south Indian in the room I automatically point towards him. This is a south Indian with a great voice and a really nice smile (I am a sucker for smiles) I don’t think I had a choice in the matter. So he went on to the stage in all his South Indianness and believe me I was swooning J . They sang aahatein, sham tanha, kabira, a new song and sadho re. It was a very short set but was brilliant. They were playing with just two acoustic guitars and it was so intimate it felt like a private performance (now you can imagine how excited and happy I must have been). Anyway everyone present seemed to be under their spell. They were all recording videos, clapping, humming and swaying to the music. And all of us present were sad when they played their last long. I wished it would go one forever but alas all wishes don’t some true L

All in all it was a great day I spent time with eee (this is almost always fun), watched a new artist and an old one, got my south Indian fix, oh in aid of this there was also this other guy who was a photographer, he was south Indian + hot + wore hippy clothes and did not look hippy (that is just cool) and he had a handlebar kind of moustache (I’m swooning even now) :). What more could I ask for I even got a bite of the divine red velvet butterfly cupcake (happiness). It was the cherry on my perfect day. I am happy now and I’m going to stop.

Thanking you very much if you have been reading my blog,



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