MI and ASSignments :


There has been an explosion of ASSignments in my life thanks to MI (mission impossible). Remember I told you about her in my first post. So MI is this old grandma-ish looking woman with kind eyes. At first you can’t help but fall in love with her. You know the whole old man with kind eyes and a kind smile charm. After a while this annoys you. MI is a great teacher and all of that but the woman just keeps repeating herself all the time. So, by the end of the lecture I have actually memorized the things she has said in class and nearly died of boredom. I don’t mean to say she is bad or anything – just that she constantly repeats herself. Although, there is one thing, in her classes coco, ti and I are transformed into two year olds. We have this compulsive need to kick each other, make pen marks on each other’s hands, fight etc and when we are reprimanded we have to struggle to keep ourselves from giggling. So one thing you should know about the trio (coco, ti and i) we spend 75% of our time together giggling. We do this like a ritual; we just laugh and laugh some more. So, right after MI’s class we launch into our giggles. Now you will think what is my problem with nice kind old lady? Well, the problem is that I can’t abuse her when I want to (I feel bad), I feel terrible to bunk her classes and also there is no way to argue with this woman. Thanks to her smile I cannot dislike her as much as I would like to. The smile and eyes are now a weapon she has against me (it’s frustrating). MI has this absurd love for ASSignments. I call them that because it’s actually donkey work. It’s not the mentally and intellectually stimulating activity assignments are supposed to be; instead it’s a paraphrasing job. How can I say what the author has already said in better words? Truthfully it’s like the comprehension I used to do in 10th standard. Pick out the right sentences and write them down. Really now I am not supped to be doing donkeys work in MA. Alas that’s all I get in the name of internal work. I want to hate her for doing this to me but I can’t because of her smile and eyes. Now you understand my problem. I think she knows this and uses it to her advantage. Ugh! I always knew old people were way smarter than they look. So this post has been mainly venting but I guess I’m allowed.

Yours vent-fully




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2 responses to “MI and ASSignments :

  1. manishahujas

    This is what I meant when I wrote “Just got to know you, so might as well know you, the way the world to know you”, in the earlier comment.

    I met you (not met you, met you, but you know what I mean) just today, and getting to know you better, the way you want to introduce yourself to the world. This blog being the medium.

    Nonetheless, I also saw the glimpse of the cute girl I mentioned earlier on Twitter who refuses to hate and scorn an uninteresting professor, just because the professor is an old lady. Very sweet, very you.

    Manish 🙂

    • right so ya since its a personal blog i guess it is a way of knowing me so yaay !!
      ya met as in virtually ….and yeah ill read your blog and maybe get to know you better !!
      thank you .. she is intelligent though !! i hope she never reads this NEVER !!
      thank you for all the comments 🙂

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