I think i should say Hi !

Hey people, I think in my first post I should introduce myself. My name is Vee and I’m a 22 year old student and my hobbies are… okay to hell with that I’m not going to write  my resume here. So what more could I possibly tell you about myself? One day I am going to write a book called infinite ways to procrastinate and still feel good about yourself, which is what I am actually doing right now, trying to delay writing about myself and still writing about something ;). You know one would think this one would be the easiest post just write some stuff about yourself and ‘Tada’ done, it’s not that easy from some reason (still at it). Ok now I really think I should get on with the purpose of this post. Well I am a student college and reading takes up a lot of my time and so does chilling, wanting to travel, travelling, making utterly useless plans, talking, listening to music, shopping, laughing, dancing and dreaming. I like to dream a lot and hence I spend a lot of time in my bed (yawn). I know that’s a long list but those are all the things I talk will about here. I am currently pursuing other interests like losing weight and that shall feature very high on the things I talk about. Now by reading this you would have figured out that I am a girl J and you know what I love it. Having boobs has a lot advantages which will be discussed in detail later. Also the people who will feature a lot are probably Profs Pea (perfect although explosive), MI (mission impossible), Mum, Brother Njn(engine), Sis (sister is scorpion), Dad, Aks, G, Coco, Ti and Aunty Ia. These people are my family, friends and teachers and the people I pretty much spend all my days with. There might be mentions of old friends but those ill introduce at that time. This post also actually serves as a Statutory Warning: This girl rambles and How? So guys be prepared. Now I really think I should stop and if you did get bored I still hope you will come back to read The Closed Portal.

Thanking you,




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2 responses to “I think i should say Hi !

  1. manishahujas

    Looking forward to read more about:
    1. The characters mentioned
    2. Advantages of boobs, really? I never thought that was even remotely possible 😛
    3. The characters mentioned, and most importantly,
    4. YOU.

    Yes, I’m crazy enough to read the blog, right from the first post. Just got to know you, so might as well know you, the way the world to know you. Did that make any sense? 😉

    • hey hey thank you so much for the comment !! 🙂 you seem like a lucky charm or i guess its your ip address only !! anyway made me happy so yaay !
      and yeah advantages of boobs : free booze :P, looking forward to more comments (im greedy)… and i didn’t get the last bit ! sorry 😦 i can be daft at times 😛

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