Couples and Koyals :

Last night while I was going to sleep at around 4.30am I heard the melodious sound of a koyal singing. People say that it is a call to the rain or nature but to me it sounded like a call to a lover. I can be a little hyper-romantic at times. The idea of romantic birds is exciting and weird at the same time. So yeah I was not all that off the mark. The first koyal went kuhu-kuhu-kuhu-ku and promptly there was a reply kuhu-kuhu-kuhu-kuku. So this could have been anything, a reply to the call, a mating sound, singing sweet words from different branches or even a fight. I did try saying that in different ways and it could have been any of those. The reason I think it was a love exchange was that right after this some crows started cawing away to glory (not a very nice sound or melodic either). I’m guessing they were jealolus or were trying to make themselves heard. Haven’t you ever noticed this when a handsome, elegant couple is having a conversation and everyone is looking at them all gooey eyed there will be this other not so popular couple who will start doing similar things for a reaction? It’s really weird but yes couples compete with each to be called cute, sweet, perfect etc. It could be anything the want for attention, the battle of the couples, ugly versus elegant anything at all. Once the crows started cawing the koyals reduced being all lovey-dovey and they just were having a straight conversation kuhu-kuhu-kuhu and replied back with kuhu-kuhu-kuhu. I guess they let the crows have their 5 minutes of fame or they were smart enough to stop their public display of affection. According to me public display of affection is always tacky. It always makes me want to puke so the koyals realized this and stopped while crows went on and on. But then there are always those annoying couples who never get the message right?



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