40 days of J:

Mysterious name isn’t it? Clearly inspired by 500 days of summer! Similar story similar end only no one got engaged or married at the end! Anyway so I haven’t updated about this before because I was busy living the phase! And no this not a ‘I’m so sad that ended’ post. This is a ‘I’m going to chronicle this now and smile about it after a few years’ post. So I recently met this really cute guy let’s call him J (if you know him then you know this is not a very original nick name :P). it was like out of the movies. There was a flash of lightning and the guy presented himself, girl and boy locked eyes and voila they were in love and happily ever after. Only this is not a movie plot, it is my life.. so it didn’t quite happen in the same way. We met – we spoke- we met some more- we started seeing each other- behaved starry eyed and cuckoo (the first time for me)- we missed- we fought-we distanced and we ended. That’s pretty much how it happened.

Not that I regret any of this. It was just amazing to feel that rush of emotion when you think you like someone, to look in the mirror and start smiling to yourself, to have your friends teasing you and turning red in the face. It’s just a wonderful phase to be in. But then again you must be intelligent enough to know that it’s just a phase. It’s like the November rain; it starts raining all of a sudden and then it disappears. The only problem is when you don’t expect it to disappear because you think it is the monsoon and not just some random November rain. It was even headier for me because it was the first time in two years I decided to date someone. It took me by surprise and taught me an important lesson in life. According to me everything happens to teach us something. This time I learnt that I must not date someone without getting to know them well and definitely should not have any expectations from anyone so soon. I live in a little bubble and thus god poor thing needs to keep shaking me up and teaching some things every now and then.  It did leave me disappointed but then it also enriched the experience of my life. There is no point blaming anyone or going down the self doubting path, the point is to learn and move on.

So to summarize it : the first 10 days we met each other and fell in love, the next 10 we missed each other and fell in love some more, in the third set we got to know each other a little and in the next 10 do not matter. It was like living something in fast forward, everything happened quickly and then it ended. Anyway it’s over now and this is what I have to say about it: it was great but it wasn’t meant to be, I will move on :). It just transported me to another world for a few days and that journey was definitely worth it all. Life is a journey which is made up of other little journeys. So just like the Sikkim trip this was one of my lovely travels. I’ll be back with tales of more since I’m single again and that’s the start of my other journey. (You could wonder why this was so short and brief because I was trying to share with you the experience of living in it, it’s so short that you don’t even realise when it ends, it feels like a lovely day dream in retrospect, hope you got that).

Cheers to new beginnings,




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2 responses to “40 days of J:

  1. manishahujas


    1. You write from your heart
    2. You write this blog for yourself, and not really for the reader
    3. Introduces me to a small but significant aspect of you (as mentioned in the comment of your first post of your blog)
    4. Makes me want to come back to this space more often and check for updates

    About the episode mentioned, that’s a conversation for maybe another time, another place, another medium. What say?

    Manish 🙂

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